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Sidelined Dad

READY for some football?


SIDELINED DAD by Thia Finn is a NEW RELEASE in the Fall Boys Football Books


I was River Cove’s gridiron golden boy.

That was until I up and left, leaving behind Shelby, my broken-hearted high school sweetheart. I thought she would pine for me, but instead, she moved on quickly, got married, and had a baby.


Returning to my small hometown to pursue my lifelong dream of coaching was all I ever wanted. But knowing Shelby had settled into a perfect life without me had my doubts creeping in.


With both of us now working for the same school, can we make life work? Will the secrets that have been held onto for years surface, or will our worlds be destroyed by the vengeance we now feel toward each other?


To leave a first love behind in pursuit of college dreams, always causes heartache. To return home six years later and discover you left more than you dreamed possible, sends a shockwave through very existence.


Small towns can alter a person as if it were a tictok influencer. But what happens when the town's golden boy, king of football,  leaves the college gridiron to return to the small town as a coach? 

Will he find that first love waiting?

Does he want to pick up where they left off? What if she fled with a secret that will potentially upend your life? 

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