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A Rockstar Romance

Duet, Part 1


Tragedy. Catastrophe. Disaster.

Three words that strike fear into most people. Mix them with a raging fire covering family secrets and it's an incident that should stay buried in the ashes. 

What happens though, when your world is flashed out there for all to see? 
Becks, a hot new rocker, finds out the hard way that secrets don't always stay hidden, especially when they burn red hot. 

Sophie joins Becks on tour as they unite voices in their band SoBecks, becoming a dominating duet in the music scene. She wants nothing more than to soar, taking her singing career to the next level. With Becks by her side, and maybe in her bed, they can accomplish anything. 

But secrets left from the past left to smolder will spark, reignite, and spread out of control when least expected. 

Secrets, lies, mystery, and music combined in a love story.

Reviews from Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub

"A rock star with a heart of gold, and secrets that burn deep. This read had me turning pages late into the night, and desperately in need of more."

S. Seay

"The love and passion between Sophie and Beck had my heart warming into abyss. I loved story, even though it will leave you hanging. This is a must read!"



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