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What reviewers are saying...

"This story totally captured all of my emotions and I was sad when it ended." ----Tasha Talks Books Blog, Tasha Hookspa

"Before the Second Show left me wanting to know more of Alex and Emmy’s story!"

--Love2Read Reviewer

"Before the Second Show was a slow burn rock star romance that kept me devouring my kindle pages."

USA Bestselling Author Posey Parks



Second Show

My heart beats to the rhythm of each stroke he makes.

Fall in love with a rocker, bad plan.
Fall in love at sixteen, even worse.
Doesn’t matter, he’s on his way to his next gig.
Life is complicated but has a way of coming together in strange places.
That’s what I keep telling myself. Now, I’m facing a man who wants me, but someone else stands in the way.
Someone from my past. Someone from his present. What if I choose the wrong one?
I’ve got problems, but women aren’t one of them.
I’m sick in the worst possible way. Then she steps into my life, again. If only I could remember her.
Doesn’t matter, she’s already spoken for.
Life is complicated and has a way of throwing in obstacles on the road to success.
That’s what I keep telling myself. Now, I’m facing a life-altering battle and need someone to stand by me.
Someone I want. Someone who knows me. How the hell do I convince her?

Timing is everything.
And now is the time to fight for what’s mine!