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Blue Myers lives by his own code, ‘Be in Control’. He follows this on the football field when bringing down the best and biggest quarterbacks.

His code carries over to the bedroom, since he made rules to fulfill certain needs. Some women balk at his freaky plans. Others are all in. He chooses them carefully.  

Follow his code or leave his domain, on the field or in his bed.


Rules? Codes? Who needs them? Not Noelle Jefferies. Rules are made to be broken. Especially from some crazy fetish control freak.

But what happens when she can’t seem to escape her thoughts about a hot football player with interesting rules?

Can she follow his code or will she break it and Blue in the process?


Who will submit first?


One smooth hit, that's all it took. Football ran my life until one play changed everything for me, “The” Theo Timms. Beautiful women waiting for a chance at me--Gone. Groupies standing in line to get an autograph on a ball or a nice rack--Gone. Fans wishing for the chance to talk to me--Gone. Even as the Fraternity president, I couldn't score as many babes as before. Now I'm the QB intern coach for the Texas Agriculture Rams and happy to have the job until she appeared catching my attention. Now, all bets are off. She's hot and I plan to see how fast she sparks a fire.


A female on an all male team makes heads turn. I do not care. I ended my college career as India Durham, best kicker in the conference. Now I plan to start chalking up W's as a coach, one kick at a time. Male bullies beware, I'm not a pushover female. I fought my way to the top, as a female in a man’s world, while playing and I'll do it again coaching. Stay out of my way. Landing an internship at TAU begins my new chapter but the brick wall between me and my goal this time is a god-like, dark-haired, tattooed coach. How am I suppose to concentrate on my job with him beside me on the sideline? Turns out Timms is the least of my worries. 

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