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Distracted No More, Book Four


Love, Sex, & Rock n Roll 

Carter Sheridan--It's not my fault groupies throw themselves a
Carter Sheridan It's not my fault groupies throw themselves at me. I am after all the bass player for the hottest band in the world. As the only single member of Assured Distraction, a different girl warms my bed every night, hell sometimes more. I'm cocky and live my life the way I want, and I don’t plan on changing any time soon. 
Halo/Victoria--I’m not looking to rekindle my past relationship with Carter. That ship sailed when he left me to chase fortune and fame without so much as a background glance. With my career taking off, I am not going to let anyone distract me even if he is devastatingly sexy. 
Life has been all about the music and the women for Carter but what happens when the past meets present? Can Halo forgive and let go of the past or is her pain to great let Carter in? 
Take a front row seat as lives are altered in the exciting conclusion to the Assured Distraction Series.

Hayden's Timbre,

                     Companion Book

Hayden Devillier fell into the good life when the mega rock band Assured Distraction made him part of their family. His family planning didn't include becoming a father at eighteen but through the trickery of an unwanted roommate, who happens to be his cousin's girlfriend, he finds himself raising his son alone. Hard choices involving his career for the sake of his child, did have to be planned. Now Hayden feels his own life slipping by, but getting into the dating scene with a twelve-year-old active kid, proved to be harder than he realized. Then he met a woman standing on a corner, and his life is covered in more than he bargained for.

A wall of water raining down on Timbre Simon changed her life before the drops reached the pavement. All she wanted to do was open he own counseling practice in Austin but instead she finds herself jobless, homeless, and friendless which started with the rain. Timber's plan does not include a man because she's headstrong and refuses to change her dream, especially for a man. The hot guy who started all of her problems seems determined to be in her life, wanted or not. When Timbre and Hayden's lives kept crossing paths, it seemed like other forces pushed them in the same direction. Can he let his guard down with a women and trust her with his son? Will she let hers down and allow him to disrupt her plan? All of this could be for nothing though, when old friends and enemies resurface to derail their lives.Read the companion book to the Amazon best-selling Assured Distraction rock star romance series where it's fun days, rocking concerts, and sizzling nights.

Ryder final_Fotor for amazon and poster.

Ryder Steel, 

              Sequel to Assure Her


The rock legend.
Every guitarist wants to be him.
Every woman wants under him.
No words describe his legendary band, Steel...
His life is another story. Twenty years ago he lost his only lover. Now he’s gained his only daughter, Chandler Chatam of Assured Distraction fame.
Now he can live.
Now he can start over.
Now he can love.
Or will someone destroy it all?

She aims.
She shoots.
She works her magic on rockstars.
What photographer doesn’t dream of shooting the great bands? Those candid bits and pieces of the real lives of the legendary band Steel for the taking. Moments in time to be captured.
She’s booked solid but nothing will stand between the eye of her camera and accepting this offer to tour with the band.
Or will someone destroy it all?
The highly anticipated finale to ASSURED DISTRACTION in a companion book. Ryder Steel, Chandler Chatam's father story is now told to end their saga. The life he led from her mother's disappearance until they are reunited in Assure Her is ready to conclude their lives as rockstar legends.

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