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With Love From Taluspare

Voyages of the Heart,
Volume 9

A HometownRomance

Brett Calhoun has one lifelong dream, play college football and return to his small Texas hometown to coach the sport. Arriving back in Taluspare to begin his career, he discovers he left far more behind than he knew. Shelby Mason said goodbye to the love of her life so they could both pursue their dreams. Before she can start the first day of college, she realizes, Brett gave her more than she bargained for. Elijah enters the world during his mom’s freshman year of college, but she’s a determined young woman and lets nothing get in her way. Elijah lives a great life in a safe little town where everyone knows their neighbors and friendly is the norm. Six years later, when Brett joins the coaching staff at the same small school district where Shelby teaches and Elijah attends, the three find themselves face to face with a situation almost impossible for the adults to deal with and the child to understand. Will Shelby’s lies and Brett’s absence for their son’s six years of life be too much for Elijah to accept or can the three make the best of a strained situation?

This is the seventh book in the Voyages of the Heart Series. Each standalone offers a new destination for hearts to fall in love. Join us in this SPECIAL EDITION where Thia Finn shows us that romance can exist anywhere, especially near her hometown.

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