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My Favorite Tune wrap_edited.jpg

My Favorite Tune

Copper Crowns
Book One

Rockstar Romance

Copper Crowns, a band on basking in the light of stardom, roll through Texas promoting their newest album. The rock band's bass player, Wix, and drummer, Arch, take a side trip in the Houston area looking for a new adventure. What Wix never plans for is finding a woman unlike he's ever known.


Bardot lives a solemn life on a sailboat where she runs day trips from the Galveston area into the bay and Gulf of Mexico. Where Wix thrives on performing for thousands, Bardot loves nothing more than a day on the water where the only sound comes from the seagulls flying overhead.


Fire and water have more in common than these two but their need to be together forces them to search their hearts for a glimpse of a future they both want.

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